High School Girls: A Story

24 Nov


That picture? Took it myself. No idea what year in high school (this story is not about any of those girls, just in case you were wondering!).

It’s been a fair amount of time since I’ve been in high school, but for whatever reason this morning on my way to work, my mind was suddenly drawn to my high school experience.

First, I’ll say that I don’t give two craps about what people ultimately think of me. I’m strong like that, and that has been an intrinsic characteristic of me since before high school.  Someone without this characteristic might have felt bullied, or might have given in, but not me.

Definitely not me.

Before I tell you my story (that has probably been long forgotten by these girls), let me give you some background about who I was in high school.

First, I’m extremely uncoordinated, introverted, but very outspoken and strong-willed. That’s what I’ve been dealt, and so I didn’t play sports in high school, but I was in everything else. I managed boys basketball, football, and track. I was in Student Council and held positions (including Pres) for all 4 years. I was class pres, yearbook editor, in FBLA, did philanthropy work, and took college classes. This isn’t even the whole shebang…but really, the point is not the things I did, the point is that I was in everything and was nice to everyone and somehow, these girls still hated me. My thoughts? You respect me, and I’ll respect you. But never, ever think I will fear you, and don’t ever think that I should want you to like me. Honestly, like I said, couldn’t give two craps.

So, let me tell you a story.

A long, long time ago I was boys basketball manager. I was with the team for 4 years, and was with many of the same guys (small school) in football the season before, and track the season after. I traveled with them every weekend, did stats, made sure they were hydrated and had gum, fixes [minor] injuries, and made sure they had everything they needed. While I wasn’t close friends with any of the major jocks, I was much better friends with any of them than I was with the girls basketball team.

The problem? The teams often traveled together.

For whatever reason, the girls thought it was their right to sit as close to the guys as possible. You see…the bus was “segregated” so that boys would sit in the back one week, and girls would sit in the front. Then it would alternate. I always sat in middle-front or front of the boys team. Why, you ask? Because I was on that team. I wasn’t friends with any of the girls, and it didn’t make sense for me to sit at the front of the bus just because I was manager.

Me and those girls…well…we didn’t see eye to eye.

Not sure why they needed so desperately to sit next to the boys. High school girls, I suppose. Blow jobs in the back of the bus, anyone?

One very memorable trip, I sat where I always sat. One girl, who was in a group of girls who generally just hated me, told me that I needed to sit at the front of the bus, because managers sat in the front. She wanted my seat.

As I’ve told you, I’m not one to just give up. So I told her no.

That didn’t make anything better, of course, but that is just what I expected. She continued making a fuss about it, but I held to my guns because I was sitting at the front – of my team. Like I said…it is the principle of the manner. I see no reason why she needed the seat more than I did.

Generally, this is how high school girls treated me. This is probably the reason why I still hate women’s basketball. And the same reason why I still have bottled up feelings about volleyball spandex.

The great thing about it all…she didn’t get her way.

What was your high school experience like? Ever have similar interactions with your peers? 

7 Responses to “High School Girls: A Story”

  1. buddy71 November 24, 2014 at 9:16 pm #

    they were jealous of you. i would have been called a jock, but i was not a typical one. i was not popular. i just liked and was good at some sports, track and football. people knew me, but i really didnt know them. my senor year? i did everything, sports, student govt., year book and newspaper photog. i was on prom court. but even all this i didnt feel like i was in the “in crowd.” i had friends in all the “social groups.” i dont see any of those i went to high school with.

    • mishie1 November 24, 2014 at 9:29 pm #

      Probably. I am pretty bad ass! ;)

      That’s kind of how I feel…I didn’t win prom queen, but I won winter sports queen (like homecoming). I had friends who played sports, were in band, weren’t in anything…smokers and bad kids and cool kids…everyone. Never did I feel “popular” though!

  2. thecuriousbum November 24, 2014 at 10:46 pm #

    Middle and high school didn’t go too well for me. There are just quite a few decisions I made or things that happened that I cringe about even now.

  3. autumnstrength November 25, 2014 at 7:58 am #

    I pretended to be a badass and people bought it, but I wasn’t really. I was scared and confused and didn’tt have a clue how to look after myself or manage my life. I still haven’t completely fixed that at 32 years old!

  4. quirkyintrovert November 25, 2014 at 5:59 pm #

    I hated high school. I was depressed and many of the people I hung out with were into more superficial things than I was. Also, in order to add or drop classes, we would have to go through cranky administrators. College was so much better because you were responsible for yourself and you went to class because you wanted to be there. I’m so glad high school is over for me.

  5. heatherm14 January 5, 2015 at 2:16 pm #

    That is such a great story. Mostly because I went to high school with you so have a decent idea of who you’re talking about. And know the girls in the picture :-/ It’s interesting to talk about it and see who remembers things the same or differently than you.

    • mishie1 January 5, 2015 at 7:46 pm #

      Its true!

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. That particular group of girls who the story is about just…weren’t very nice. :/

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