Choose Your Own Adventure: Gun Regulation

26 Sep

This post is inspired by this video:

Now I’ll admit fully that I didn’t watch the video. I would have, but I live in the boonies and my internet causes me to be unable to watch videos in a normal amount of time.

The title in itself, however, causes me to think a little more about gun control.

He cried and begged his father. Don’t do it Daddy. Don’t shoot Mommy!

This being followed by the description of the post on Facebook: “Some people told her she should have had a gun. Those people have never lived through this.”

From this alone, we say “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Fair enough, I suppose.

So Dad comes home, what I assume to be an argument or disturbance occurs in front of little Johnny, and Dad pulls out a gun. His intention is to shoot Mom.

This choose your own adventure has two options:

1) Mom doesn’t have a gun and goes into the bedroom to shield her son from Dad.
2) Mom does have a gun, and pulls it on Dad.

Number 1 is actually what happened, and Dad proceeded to shoot through the door. That’s traumatizing for anyone involved. I know that I would be horrified whether I was the target or being the one shielded. It’s ESPECIALLY traumatizing for a child.

To prevent this ending to this adventure, we instead choose option 2. Instead of shielding little Johnny in a room and being shot at, Mom instead whips out her own gun. We will ignore the fact that Mom would more than likely not have the gun on her currently. So…Mom pulls out the gun and aims it at Dad. In any grace of the universe, Dad realizes the rashness of his actions and lowers his gun, defeated. Little Johnny may have been spared, but more than likely will still be traumatized at least slightly because Mommy just pulled a gun on Daddy. Was Daddy going to shoot Mommy? Was Mommy going to shoot Daddy? Or, because the universe is often harsh, Dad doesn’t drop the gun. Dad aims gun (or shoots). So Mom shoots. Now little Johnny sees his parents both shoot at each other. That is even more traumatizing. Now, the two people in his world who are supposed to love him and love each other and care for each other have made what appear to be attempts on each others lives. And who knows what the aftermath could look like. If both people are wounded, now they are just laying there bleeding, while little Johnny looks on. Or if one parent was unscathed and the other wounded, that parent grabs little Johnny and runs. But little Johnny is being ripped away from one parent by the parent that shot the other one.


There is a third and fourth option. Dad doesn’t have a gun and neither does Mom. Or Dad doesn’t lose his shit. But neither of those is something we can control.

But “Gun control!” you say. “More mental health screening!” you say.

Unfortunately, Dad might not have a history of mental health issues or a criminal record. He may not have gotten his gun legally.

Here’s the thing: I’m okay with guns. I enjoy shooting. I think that we should do more screenings and background checks and regulate a little more who can own a gun. If Dad gets cleared to have a gun because he has no criminal record and no history of mental health issues, so be it. But if Dad has a history of mental health issues and is off his rocker, while having a criminal background also…no, he should not get a gun.

I think the biggest thing to control gun violence is to teach others about gun safety, and both the risks you assume in addition to the benefits owning a gun may provide. Teaching each other about mental health and the risks posed if someone appears to become depressed, or showing other tendencies while a gun is in the home.

Because Mommy having a gun doesn’t traumatize little Johnny any less. Mommy having a gun isn’t a solution. It’s just kind of like a band-aid to cover up a bigger issue that maybe Dad shouldn’t have had a gun.

What option do you choose for this Choose Your Own Adventure? 

2 Responses to “Choose Your Own Adventure: Gun Regulation”

  1. L at 12:01 pm #

    I’m of the opinion gun control measures just plain do not work. Gun control merely keeps guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens who then can’t defend themselves. Criminals or those who are hellbent on shooting shit up will find ways to get guns; it’s not that hard. You really expect a criminal or someone who is intent on using a gun for ill is going to go through the proper channels to obtain one? I sure as hell don’t.

    Now, I’m all about safety training and such. Guns when used improperly are highly dangerous. I think part of being a responsible gun owner is educating one’s self about the safe operation of guns. It’s just the responsible thing to do.

    I would never shoot another individual except for in case of self-defense. I’ve gotten downright angry at some people and the thought of killing them never entered into my mind. That said, people are going to get guns anyway (regardless of legal status) as I mentioned previously, so I’d rather be armed just in case.

    As far as being a danger to one’s self, that’s largely irrelevant. I’m of the opinion should one desire to end his or her life (for whatever reason he/she deems fit) that’s that individual’s absolute and legal right and that it’s wrong to try to interfere with that. Keeping someone alive against his/her will is perhaps the most grievous violation of personal liberty.

    • mishie1 at 9:46 pm #

      I don’t really agree nor do I disagree with what you just said and I always appreciate your comments.

      But I do kind of feel like you missed the point. The point was more that sometimes self-defense isn’t a viable option, and that even if you are defending yourself, you may still be harming others. And that is a consequence of having guns around and using guns. I also don’t think every person’s intention for owning a gun is using it poorly, but if something snaps one day, having a gun already available is almost too convenient.

      What about Little Johnny? That’s the point. What would be best for him?

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