The Oddity of the Dream Stranger

14 Aug

Our dreams are filled with many things. Some are inexplicably weird, and others ring too true to reality.

I’ve always found the people that weave in and out my dreams interesting, and the reasons they are there, intriguing. Most recently, I met with a fellow whom I am unfamiliar with…he is a complete stranger. What is even more curious, is I’ve had two dreams about this fellow, and it was as if I had stopped watching a TV show that had continued on without me. Time had passed, and we were both aware of it.

Odd, don’t you think?

The thing I find most strange is that my mind has been able to create a whole, unique person without my conscious awareness. Personality, body, and face were all created without me acknowledging that I was doing so. Of course, when in my awake state, I can create characters but even then, they don’t ever feel as real.

Perhaps I passed a fellow in the street and my subconscious latched onto him, and then it compiled personality traits I like, but I still find it fascinating.

What I would like to believe more is that this man of my dreams is actually a person out there that I have a connection with who I will find one day and live happily ever after with. And I think a small part of me does believe that, because the interaction was so multi-dimensional.

Have you ever dreamed about a complete stranger that you’ve never even seen? Which explanation for my dream do you want to be true? What is your explanation? Do you think there is an interconnectedness between our fellow man that we may be able to traverse wide expanses of area without ever leaving our beds?

2 Responses to “The Oddity of the Dream Stranger”

  1. quirkyintrovert August 15, 2014 at 12:05 pm #

    What I find interesting about your dreams is that you met that person again. I have dreamed about a person whom I’ve never met before in real life, and I wanted to go back to talk to him again, but I never dreamed about him again.

    I heard a story about a man dreaming about a woman over and over again, and she finally tells him her address. He finds it, and when he goes there he meets her parents, who tell him she has already died. The photos of her match what she looked like in his dream. That’s neat and creepy at the same time, if it is indeed true.

    Dreams can be influenced by what is known as “day residue” or whatever you’ve seen or experienced during your waking hours, so it is possible you generated the character.

    I like to think that some of the places that I’ve seen in my dreams actually exist, but I have no way of knowing. Several ancient cultures believed that dreams were soul travel. Science now says it’s neural firings. But there still is a slim chance that that person is really out there.

  2. Sharon November 1, 2014 at 11:02 am #

    Wow. Your article is very interesting. I had a dream about a professional who was very intense and appeared mean but after observing was tender hearted and expressed interest in me in the dream. I realized after I woke up that this person was either a law professor or law official. What’s even more interesting is that my girlfriend told me about a year ago that I was going to meet my husband soon and he was going to be in law enforcement. In the dream, he and I had a spiritual connection. I like you hope this is just a sign before the actual thing manifests. Or are we super intuitive and experience weird things? Deep right?

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