Boudoir with Your Bridesmaids

28 Apr

Photography is something I hold close to me, and while I have my strengths, I also have many weaknesses.

Like anything, photography requires practice and exposure, so often enough I find myself browsing pictures of people and things to see what I might be missing in my own photography, or how I can expand what I work with. Most recently, I’ve been perusing through a boudoir photography website, where I’ve found some very neat ideas.

One photo-set I came across was of a bride and her bridal party. While the idea of taking pictures like this with your closest friends sounds like it could be super fun, it sounds like it could be equally as awkward. Regardless of the experience, I just don’t understand what you do with the pictures after you take them. And if you don’t do anything with them, I don’t know why you would take them in the first place.

You just end up having pictures of you and your friends half-naked. And I don’t imagine you would give those to your husband.

The picture up at the top is one example that I found. It looks like it could be really fun. Yay for celebrating feminine friendships. But then you have this one:

Granted, these two ladies could be lovers, but if they aren’t…what do you do with this picture?

To check out the rest of the pictures in each session, go ahead and click on the picture.

Would you ever have a sexy boudoir photo session with your friends and/or bridesmaids? What do you do with these pictures after you take them? Naughty or nice; Natural or urban…what’s your boudoir style?

4 Responses to “Boudoir with Your Bridesmaids”

  1. autumnstrength at 8:55 am #

    Is that what happens at bridal parties? Why would someone want ‘sexy’ photos taken with their friends? It seems strange to me.

  2. tictact0e0 at 10:28 am #

    One thoughu that comes to mind is maybe this is the prime of these women because once married, will they look like this? I think it’s a cool idea for them none the less, maybe the bride, her friends and her husband could be open people and see the beauty in this. Pretty cool overall

  3. fadingsunlight at 2:56 pm #

    I find this an awkward idea… I mean…what do you do with them? Share them with all of your friends and family? Your husband? Put them in the photo albums that your children may one day flip through? No, thanks! (Also, maybe I’m a little terrified that my photos would be stolen and used as a ‘Weight Watchers’ promo! LOL Myself nor my friends look like those ladies!)

    • mishie1 at 7:46 pm #

      That’s exactly what I mean! I have no clue what you do with them once you’ve taken and developed them.

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