That Time I Knocked on a Strangers Door

20 Mar

On my 40 minute drive home, exciting things rarely happen. That’s usually for the best.

Outside of driving off the side of the road, the most exciting thing to happen as of recent was an encounter with a llama. You can bet I was thrilled.

Okay…so it wasn’t really an encounter…more like…an escaped llama minding its own business on the side of a road. But hey, I work for an animal shelter, and escaped livestock can be a real bother. I also didn’t want him to get hit by a car. Llamas are the handsomest of livestock, after all.

There aren’t many things to do when you happen upon an escaped llama, but I decided to knock on its owners door to let them know. It was awkward, but when they didn’t come to either door, it actually felt more awkward. I don’t know why, but it did. Hopefully their chickens are “free-roaming”, too, because otherwise they have an escaped llama AND escaped chickens.

It also appeared that they farm fresh eggs they advertised on their fence were free and kept in a cooler by the door. I didn’t inspect them, but from the looks of their area, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Have you ever knocked on a strangers door for anything? Ever encountered roaming livestock – did you do anything about it?


3 Responses to “That Time I Knocked on a Strangers Door”

  1. quirkyintrovert March 21, 2014 at 12:19 am #

    I’d be afraid to knock on a stranger’s door. I currently can’t recall times that I’ve had. It was considerate of you to try to inform the owner of their escaped llama. Hope it stays safe.

  2. fadingsunlight March 21, 2014 at 12:54 am #

    Was he wearing a hat? Do you still have your hands?! (Sorry; too tempting…and of course you have your hands…unless you typed this with your tongue. Hmm…okay…shutting up and going to bed naow…)

    The only time I can think of knocking on a stranger’s door, they were technically our neighbors, but I’d never personally spoken to them. Tim had and had told me that they were members of the HOA and had lived there forever, so when a Pomeranian showed up in our yard one day, I knocked on their door to see if they knew him, They didn’t; but the HOA lady offered to help make ‘found dog’ fliers. A few hours later, someone sent the distraught dog owner to HOA people’s door, figuring if anyone knew anything it would be them. LOL Doggie went home, safe and sound. :-)

  3. buddy71 March 23, 2014 at 2:22 pm #

    what a cool encounter!! of course i see llamas every day. ;)
    as for knocking of strangers doors? yes i have. the last strange thing i have encountered was a a turtle. there are no ponds, that i knew of at the time, near me and after i found out that there was one, that turtle was a LONG way from home and heading in the wrong direction! a pot bellied pig was on my dirt road some years ago and i knew no one near me had a pig. i called animal control. they really didnt want to come out and tried to get me to keep the pig! but they came and took the pig. but i did have visions of fresh bacon, ham and some pork chops for a bit. lol ;)

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