You Are What You Do

21 Aug

So true. And I think, while we should love our job, our life is more than that…we need to love where we live, and who we live with, too.

We Can All Be Bright

a-perfect-white-cup-of-steaming-coffeeAs the waitress refilled our coffee cups, I watched the steam swirl. It seemed to take such a random path.


A question I have been no stranger to lately. My own path has taken such random turns I have seen as both haphazard and unnecessary.

In the early rays of sun that eased through the window, I absorbed the warmth of this familiar scene. As far back as my memory extends, these mornings have existed. Getting up before the sun for my birthday breakfast with Dad at the Original Pancake House. Somehow, in those earlier years, I seemed to be more sure of what–and who–I wanted to be. Or maybe it was that I wasn’t as consumed by it or imposed by the fear of having already failed.

I stirred my coffee as I spilled my heart, one twice as fast as the other.
“So, teaching has pretty much fallen through for me… I wonder if…

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