What’s your true color?

15 Jul

Insightful. I’m almost equally blue and green, with a tad more green. I invite you to take this test.

Musings of a Quirky Introvert

This is something I got from the Psychology of Normal Adjustment class that I took back in 2005.

According to true colors, also known as temperament theory, there are four types of temperaments found in all people throughout the world. They are Blue (the idealist), Green (the rational), Gold (the guardian), and Orange (the artisan). All of these colors are present in us, but there is one that predominates. Knowing your true color helps when choosing a career or a potential mate. Here are brief descriptions that I got from the presentation by the career counselor.

Blue (The Idealist)
Identity Seeking Personality

– Personal
– Enthusiastic
– Sympathetic
– Warm
– Compassionate
– Communicative

Core Needs
Meaning & Significance
Unique Identity

A natural romantic, a poet and a nurturer.

Blue types value integrity and unity in relationships. They need to feel unique and authentic. Blues tend to be affectionate, supportive…

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