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Thoughts on Body Hair

22 Jul

For quite a while I was very against body hair. I’ll blame it on my youth – when you’re 14, body hair doesn’t seem normal.

I’m still very much against hair on my own body. I made a comment recently that if I could get rid of all of the hair on my body, I totally would. Keep in mind this excludes hair on my head and my eyebrows/eyelashes.

Someone replied saying that you don’t get to choose, and so I would actually not have any hair, and not having any hair is horrible.

Well, last time I checked, wishes don’t really come true, tricky genies don’t exist, and I can choose which areas of my body I can get laser hair removal on.

So, yes. I would remove all of my body hair. Permanently.

On other people, however, I’ve found that I don’t really have an opinion on their body hair (back hair is what I feel most strongly about, but definitely not as strongly as I used to). As long as men are well-groomed, it’s fine (there is a limit, but I really only know it when I see it). Women – not my business.

And as a side note, while I’ve never seen it, apparently shoulder hair exists.

How do you feel about body hair? On yourself? Your significant other? When is it too much? Too little? What are some dos and don’ts of grooming and body hair?

Worst. Kiss. Ever.

18 Jul

We’ve all had them – those kisses that were just so bad not only did they not turn you on, but they turned you off.

I’ve had two terrible kisses in my life. One was my first kiss (you know it’s bad when you’ve never been kissed and you still know the kiss horrible), and the other was a kiss that I didn’t want to have. That one was bad because I tried to pull away after I felt the kiss was “done”, and got a hand to the back of the head pulling me back in, and a tongue forced down my throat. Not pleasant.

But, while I thought these were awful, not everyone considers the same type of kiss good or bad. I happen to think Shia Labeouf looks like an amazing kisser, but friends of mine thinks he looks sloppy and gross.

Some things are hit or miss, really…like nibbling. Some people really enjoy it, and others don’t. If it’s done well, I think its super hot.

What was the worst kiss you’ve ever had? What makes a kiss bad

What’s your true color?

15 Jul

Insightful. I’m almost equally blue and green, with a tad more green. I invite you to take this test.

Musings of a Quirky Introvert

This is something I got from the Psychology of Normal Adjustment class that I took back in 2005.

According to true colors, also known as temperament theory, there are four types of temperaments found in all people throughout the world. They are Blue (the idealist), Green (the rational), Gold (the guardian), and Orange (the artisan). All of these colors are present in us, but there is one that predominates. Knowing your true color helps when choosing a career or a potential mate. Here are brief descriptions that I got from the presentation by the career counselor.

Blue (The Idealist)
Identity Seeking Personality

– Personal
– Enthusiastic
– Sympathetic
– Warm
– Compassionate
– Communicative

Core Needs
Meaning & Significance
Unique Identity

A natural romantic, a poet and a nurturer.

Blue types value integrity and unity in relationships. They need to feel unique and authentic. Blues tend to be affectionate, supportive…

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I would enjoy the little things in life

9 Jul

I would enjoy the little things in life so much more if I had someone to share them with.

A Woman’s WingMAN

8 Jul

I’ve never had a wing, but if I was going to a choose a wing,  I have a couple of options. I can choose a wing woman for myself, or a wing man.

Generally, men tend to have wing men and women have wing women (or something…do wing women even exist?), because you want to attract a mate of the opposite sex (or I do, at least), and you might be sending them mixed signals if you are with your guy friend.

It’s kind of like you want to look thinner and prettier…you invite your fatter, uglier friend along.

But there is the option of taking your opposite sex buddy along with you. I feel like if I took my best guy friend to the bar as my wing man, that I was actually interested in him. If he offered to be my wing man, I’d speculate he might be interested in me. If neither of those were true, I think other guys would assume I was taken, and would not approach me. Maybe with a good enough wing man, he strikes up conversation with the man of interest and talks you up.

I’d still be leary, if I was a man. But I’m not.


Men, would you approach a woman if her wing was a man? Women, would you approach a man if his wing was a woman? Do you find “wings” effective when picking up people? Have you ever been a wing, and do you enjoy it? 

Feeling Inspired

8 Jul

Tonight, I feel inspired. 

It’s late, and while I should probably go to bed, I know that if I don’t write this now, it’s unlikely I will tomorrow.

So. I feel inspired. In an I’m so small compared to the universe and all it houses kind of way. If that makes any sense at all.

I sat with some friends tonight and had wonderful conversations with all of them, but I feel like I need more. In the days to come, I’ll share some of these conversations with you. Unfortunately, only one of these friends actually reads my content, but I’ll take it. I’m sure what I write about isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

The conversations were good, but I need more.

I’m so small, and my inspiration so big that I want to share it with someone equally as small. Just the two of us, in this vast universe we find ourselves in. Deep conversation while admiring the night sky and talking about where we’ve been and where we are and where we’ll go. A quiet night with only our voices letting the other know that we do exist. 

I’m inspired to feel timeless. To connect. To wonder. To dream. To think. 

What are some ways you like to express yourself when you feel inspired?