30 Day Letter Challenge: Dear Person I Hate

23 Jun

Dear Person I Hate,

Some say “hate” is a strong word, but you need a strong for for strong feelings.

We had some of the best times when we were friends, but you just couldn’t let me be happy. Hell, you couldn’t let yourself be happy, so I guess I shouldn’t expect anything of it.

You’re manipulative, self-destructive, and really…you are just a terrible person. Not a good person that just isn’t nice sometimes…terrible.

You’ve judged me, you’ve told me I was going to hell, you’ve accused me of trying to steal your boyfriend…and all I’ve done throughout all of it was try to stick by your side and help you through the rough times.

Well, there comes a day when it just isn’t good enough, and finally, I did what was best for me. I don’t wish you the best of luck and I don’t wish you happiness. The first two times we stopped being friends should have been enough for me to realize that you are toxic, but they weren’t. That’s my fault, unfortunately. But never, ever will we be friends again.

Not after the way you treat yourself and everyone around you.

Always, Me


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