30 Day Letter Challenge: Dear Dreams

17 Jun

Dear Dreams,

You suck.

Just kidding [kind of]. You are the drive to all that I do every day, and no one can tell me that I’m not ambitious.

Often when I talk about you, I find myself recounting a time when I was in 3rd grade and I decided I needed to figure out what I was going to do “when I grew up”. I decided that day. I decided on you.

You’ve always been big, Dreams.

Sometimes you seem so far away, but you’re always in sight. My future will always be bright. I’ll travel to the ends of the world some day, with a nice, loving man to hold me in his arms. We’ll get off of vacation and go back to our house, with our pets and we will be reunited as a family again. I’ll go off to work at my vet practice, and he’ll go off to do what it is he does – write, engineer…create.

And we will get off work, and we will sit in our back yard, and we will talk. We will challenge each other. We will play.

Someday, Dreams. Someday we will meet. You will be realized.

And I, well, I’ll make you bigger and better, and strive for you once again.

Because what is a girl without dreams?

Always, Me


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