So, You’re Not Aborting Your Gay Baby…

16 Jun

First and foremost, I apologize for the horrific and very literal title. I’m not feeling very inspired today.

Now, to the point.

Generally, pro-life people tend to be conservative. Those who oppose marriage equality also tend to be conservative. This isn’t a new thought, or an original one, but would you still support the pregnancy if you knew that the child would be gay?

And how can one support this child be brought into a world, but then deny them such a basic right?

Or. How can a person support bringing a child into life, with the possibility that they will kill themselves, simply because they are gay and the same people that called for them to be born are those who treat them with hate, make fun of them in school, bully them, and deny them the right to be with the person they love the most in this world?

No. All the 30-somethings, 40-somethings, and 50-somethings who are of this mindset aren’t bullying babies being born here and now, but they are raising their children to. Each bully has a parent, and children pick up so easily the beliefs of their parents, that whether you are a homophobe or simply someone who believes in “the sanctity of marriage”, it translates to the same thing.

They are them, and I am us. That makes us different. Different isn’t good.

So, when a gay child or teenager or adult kills themselves, how do you justify all the hate and all the intolerance?

Were they sinners? Is that it? Now they will answer to God.

Or was it selfish? Not only did they make a poor life choice, but they tried to get us to be okay with such an abomination, and then they tried to kill themselves with no regard of their families?

So, conservative folks…which is it? Keep in mind, I’m not saying all conservatives are pro-life and anti-gay rights, and I’m not saying all pro-life and anti-gay rights folks are conservative. I’m just saying that those two things are often the political beliefs held by the same person, but that in practice they seem conflicting.

Do you think these views are conflicting? What is your response to what I wrote?


One Response to “So, You’re Not Aborting Your Gay Baby…”

  1. Doubledb June 16, 2013 at 7:29 pm #

    Here is my quandary. If Liberals say that life doesn’t begin at conception. Fine. But then if a women is pregnant and gets killed, then is it logical to charge the murderer with two murders instead of one? So, it is ok for the mother to abort her child but not ok for another person to do the same thing with a weapon? I have heard it argued that the embryo being alive or not is decided by the intention of the mother to give it life or not. that doesn’t make sense to me. Either is is alive or it is not. I just use this example as a scenario that shows it isn’t only the conservatives who come into these ethical/moral delimas.

    Take gun control. A conservatives son picks up a gun cause it is around the house and blows off his head. the gun that was meant to protect actually kills. Or take gun laws. What if your life was suddenly threatened but the police cannot stay with you 24/7 forever, so you go to get a gun but are denied because you have to wait. You go home and are shot. You would have been able to defend yourself if there were no gun laws. There are always exceptions to the rule. I say these to prove that things are more difficult than they seem and I dont think one side or the other is 100% correct. I think the truth is really found in the middle, in the area that makes it harder to follow the extremes.

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