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I’m starting to think that maybe there isn’t someone

30 Jun

I’m starting to think that maybe there isn’t someone out there for me after all.

Tightening the Abortion Laws

28 Jun

There is currently a bill currently trying to be passed by Republicans in Texas that would apparently put some of the toughest restrictions on abortion in the country.

While I associate more with the liberal side of things, and also consider myself pro-choice, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around why it is such a terrible bill.

Basically, the bill proposes 3 things:

1) Abortions will be illegal after 5 months (20 weeks, technically)

2) Abortion clinics should operate at the same standards as hospital-level surgical centers.

3) Doctors performing abortions will need to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

First of all, I firmly believe you should be able to make a decision regarding your body and the body you carry inside of you by the time you are 5 months pregnant. It’s kind of an important decision, and should be of the highest priority. It’s not too long after that that the fetus is viable when removed from the womb.

Second, I think making clinics be at the highest standard possible only ensures the safety of the patient.

Finally, unless I have this completely wrong, doctors should be able to admit patients if something goes wrong.

Another issue with the ban is that incest and rape victims would be some sort of exception, and while I understand these situations are touchy, difficult, and each one is different, I think that you should be able to make a decision about your baby  by 5 months. Again, this is a high-priority decision.

What’s your thoughts? Is 20 weeks really too soon to make a decision? Do you think these proposals are a good idea, or just a ploy to shut down abortion clinics?


What is a Nice Guy – Do They Exist?

27 Jun

Nice guys finish last.

Girls only like assholes, not nice guys like me.

You hear that statement all the time, and it’s usually from a very specific guy. Giving this person the benefit of the doubt, it’s usually a genuine guy who doesn’t use women for sex, wants an honest to goodness relationship with a girl, and while respecting women, finds himself single 90% of the time.

Unfortunately for nice guy, he is single because he won’t make the first move. It’s a vicious cycle, too, because the assholes get the girls because they actually ask them out.

Oh, and don’t forget the nice girls who actually do finish last. The nice guys want the bitchy girls who are high maintenance, while the rest of us, who actually refuse to date the assholes, end up single. We want a nice guy. But nice guys don’t want nice girls, now do they?

And don’t tell me that nice girls should make the first move. Been there. Rejected.

That’s all beside the point.

I want to know if this “nice guy” even actually exists, or if it’s just a ploy for us to feel sorry for them because they are single.

The person I picture in my head when someone says “nice guy” is a man who would give a woman a chance, be honest with her, never use a woman for sex, cares about what his significant other has to say, and would never lead a woman on. He would apologize if he did something hurtful on accident and he wouldn’t just ignore her. (Note: I did not say pushover, suck-up, or clingy at any point.)

Women – what is your idea of a “nice guy”? Men – are you a nice guy, why/why not? Do nice guys even exist? What about nice girls?

30 Day Letter Challenge: Dear Last Person I Kissed

27 Jun

Dear Last Person I Kissed,

You were a good kisser. Hopefully, I wasn’t so out of practice that I was a bad kisser.

Always, Me

30 Day Letter Challenge: Dear Person in a Different State

26 Jun

Dear Person in a Different State,

I miss you all the damn time. There were a few times when I questioned if I actually could tell you anything, but regardless, I told you more than I tell most people.

You’ve been a really good friend, and I’m glad that you are doing what is best for you and for your career, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish you were still here.

Who do I play cards with? Or go to the Alley Cat with? Or sit on my couch for hours at a time with?

I know it’s selfish, but I still wish you were here.

I don’t know what else to say. You tried to get me to tell you I was sad that you were leaving, and it’s true, I was and still am. I just get awkward in situations like that, so my apologies if you ever felt like you weren’t going to be missed. You are.

Keep your head up, and work hard. Whatever it is that you need to do, I am confident you’ll do it. (Now you just need to meet Darren…)

Always, Me

30 Day Letter Challenge: Dear Person I’ve Drifted Away From

25 Jun

Dear Person I’ve Drifted Away From,

It’s strange how even if I don’t talk to you for months, the second I see you again it feels like we’ve spent every day together.

I think its because I know you think of me, and I think of you…and that’s the mark of true friendship. Life is busy, really, and so we don’t get a chance to talk…but every time you drunk dial me it’s because you are thinking of me.

I don’t mind the drunk dials. That’s the side of you that I know exists, but that you keep hidden so well that most others don’t.

I still hope you’ll move here, and we can be best friends again. I really like having one person in my life who I can hang out with every day if I so desire, and you are one of those people.

Keep in mind, that while we don’t chat as often as we should, and I rarely see you, that you can always confide in me, and look to me in your time of need.

You’re awesome. Never forget that.

Always, Me

Is Perception Reality?

25 Jun

This is an off-shoot of my last blog, of the original asker’s question, and discussion coming from that.

A woman who commented and I disagree about what flirting is. She believes there has to be intent for someone to be flirting, and I believe that it is possible to flirt unknowingly, without intent. She cited this definition:

Behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but without serious intentions: “it amused him to flirt with her”.
Experiment with or show a superficial interest in (an idea, activity, or movement) without committing oneself to it seriously.

While I respect this particular woman very much, and love reading her blogs and having her read mine, when I read this, I felt as though the intention to flirt isn’t clearly stated in the definition (as in, you can accidentally flirt).

The second part focuses more on intention than the first, but the first definition is its own entity, and therefore I will concentrate on that.

The part that sticks out to me is “behave as though attracted”. You can unintentionally behave this way, right? If you couldn’t, then it would be clear who is  attracted to you and who isn’t. There would be no oh, I thought you were flirting with me.

And that is where perception comes into play. If you are interacting with someone, and they perceive that you are flirting with them, but you are unaware that you may be doing so, then their perception doesn’t match your reality, but is actually their own reality. 

Make sense? And who is to say that if the other person thinks it’s flirting, that it isn’t flirting?

Does flirting have to be intentional to actually be considered flirting? Does this definition back that up?