The Emphasis on Interests

31 May

Yesterday, while driving in the Poudre Canyon, I had some good quality girl time with a friend of mine. We discussed lots of different things, but one of them that kind of made me think deeper about it was lifestyle compatibility and the effect it has on dating.

When you first start dating (usually high school…right?), you like a person and they like you, so you enter into a relationship. I just had the realization last night that it isn’t conducive to do that for a relationship at this point in my life.

It doesn’t matter if I think guy A is attractive and has the personality of everything I’m looking for if our lifestyles don’t match. A super-into-nature kind of guy who goes out and backpacks for days at a time and “roughs it” regularly is going to be rather disappointed when I don’t want to partake.

Or the super-indoorsy kind of guy, who wholeheartedly refuses to go into nature with me will question when I start to get restless at not being able to enjoy him and nature simultaneously.

And I think therein lies a major problem for me. I’m often middle-of-the-road where my interests and lifestyle is concerned. I love being outside and I love video games and the interwebs, but I don’t like doing either thing exclusively. A couple hours on the computer…a couple hours sitting outside enjoying the weather and I’m set.

Those are just a couple of examples. I’m middle-of-the-road with a lot of things.

Do you think that lifestyle matching is an important part of having a successful, fulfilling relationship? What are some interests that you would need a significant other to have for your relationship to work? Would you consider yourself a middle-of-the-road person like me, or do you have very specific interests and lifestyle?

3 Responses to “The Emphasis on Interests”

  1. autumnstrength at 8:14 pm #

    Hello again! :) This is my first wordpress comment! I’m definitely middle-of-the-road too and I think that’s what I’d need from a partner – someone who wants to go for a countryside walk for an hour or two, then when our feet hurt and we get tired, we’ll go home and watch some TV for an hour or two, then maybe go get some food, then come home and have a nap – just a bit of everything, but nothing to the extreme. I think it’s important to be similar in that way, else you’ll end up getting frustrated with each other.

  2. dw817 at 10:15 pm #

    Hello from Xanga ! Looks like you’ve set-up a good home here. Glad you are ready … Take care.

    • mishie1 at 10:44 pm #

      Yes. I came here around April to get more traffic. Thanks for finding me! :)

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