Why I Don’t Eat Salad

3 Sep

I don’t feel alone in my dislike of salads, in any respect. Lots of people don’t like them or don’t eat them, but I’ve found its usually a very different reason than mine.

Other people don’t like salad because they don’t like veggies. I don’t like salad because I don’t mix my foods or dressings. When I eat a salad, I eat one tomato, then a piece of lettuce, then a carrot, and so forth. There is no “bite” of salad. And because I don’t like dressings, its really like I’m just eating a whole bunch of vegetables in a row. Don’t get me wrong…I love veggies, but I prefer to eat a large one as a meal, or a small one as a snack, not a variety of small ones for a meal.

Do you eat salad? Is that ever a meal, or do you eat it before the main entree? Do you think my salad preferences are strange?


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