How Much to Tip the Waitstaff

15 Aug


I’ve posted about waitstaff before, and how you should be courteous and polite to them. As I was driving in my car earlier, I was having a hypothetical, completely fictional conversation with a friend in my head, in which I said “be polite now, and tip her less if she has bad service!”

That made me think a little bit. I usually tip the same, regardless of if the service was good or bad. Its partially because bad service is usually explained away by outside reasons, and I don’t have a lot of money to tip really well. I know people who do change tip amount depending on service, though.

If you were part of waitstaff, would you prefer a customer to be really needy and obnoxious if you got a good tip or would you prefer them to be polite and patient, but leave a poor tip?


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