Public Pornography

8 Aug


Datingish recently posted a blog called “Public Pornography: Do or Don’t“. It wasn’t something I think would be a big issue until I started reading what some people were commenting. The responses ranged from “No, children could be affected” to “As long as they aren’t masturbating” to “I’d rather my children see that than violence”.

Everyone who mentioned that they wouldn’t care if their children saw it was supporting their argument by referencing billboards and magazine articles with naked men and women. Here is my problem with that: nudity and porn are very different things. Porn usually involved someone putting something into someone else’s orifaces. This can be extra-vanilla, or it can be downright violent.

When you assume that nudity = porn, and you would rather them see that than all the violence on TV/video games/movies, I read that as “I’m okay with my 7-year-old child watching that person tie up that other person and beat them until they are screaming for sexual pleasure.” If you are okay with that, I think you might also be okay with emotionally neglecting your child.

There is a time and a place for children to learn about and/or see, and experience sex. It should not be in that situation. There is also a place for porn, and keep in my that I have no problem with porn; you might even say that I support it, but it shouldn’t be allowed in public. Some people even argued that if they ban that, it opens the door to ban all kinds of other things. While psychology research has supported this, the opposite must also be true. If you open up one freedom, you also open up more, and I really don’t want to see giant orgies when I walk outside in the morning. I also think that watching porn in public could potentially cause a masturbation issue, which is also unacceptable in public.

Would you be okay with your 7-year-old child seeing hardcore porn? Could this scar/traumatize children? Do you think the problem lies in whether or not a person is masturbating? What do you think the reasoning behind watching porn in public is?


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