Being the Black Sheep

1 Aug


Growing older has caused me to understand and accept many things about myself. One of those things is that I’m very obviously the black sheep in most situations and many of my relationships.

Even my immediate family, with whom I’m very close, make me feel like the black sheep. I’m not entirely sure why this is my role in my relationships, but it is. It might be that my interests are very different from most of the people I meet, or it might be that I’m so picky with the people I’m close to that I do it to myself. Being the black sheep doesn’t only mean negative things, and the positive things it means (being different, for example) I embrace.

Though I’m still often plagued by feelings of being ostracized, its something that I’m working on accepting. That just happens to be my role in society.

What role do you play in society? Are you the black sheep? How do you feel about your role? 


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