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A Journey Through Music: Punk Rock

9 Jul

I hinted at this project a little bit in a post asking you all for input on various genres. I didn’t want to reveal all of the details because I’m pretty excited about it, but now I’ve finished my first genre, so this is my big reveal!

My project is basically a means for me to listen to music, become more versed in various genre, and learn more artists and songs that I like. I think that being well-rounded is important, and although I like a wide variety of music, I often can’t name artists or songs I like in a specific genre. Cue you guys! I got a lot of feedback that I’m very thankful for.

What I’ve asked for is a list of 10 artists that you think represents its genre as a whole. I know this is a tall order, but I obviously can’t listen to everything. From there, I’ve selected a number of songs from each artist to listen to.

For punk rock, thanks to @Thebraziliandude and @sweetsavageblood, I listened to the following 10 artists:

The Ramones
The Sex Pistols
The Clash
Patti Smith
The Plasmatics
Dead Kennedys
Minor Threat
Black Flag

I have to say that I appreciate what pioneer bands are and what they do. Without them, we wouldn’t have the collection of music we have today. All of these artists brought something to the table, and I enjoyed at least one of their songs. Personally, I really enjoyed The Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Rancid, and Blondie. I think overall they had good music and decent to great lyrics. I was especially amazed by Blondie, as I was unaware how many of her songs I actually know and love! She wasn’t really what I always think of when I think of punk rock, though. The Ramones, Rancid, and Black Flag are very much what I think of punk rock, and although Blondie did have a few songs in there that were similar, it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Any problems that I had with any of the artists were really based in their lyrics. All of these musicians had great music behind their vocals, but personally I enjoy singing with songs, so lyrics have a lot of weight. Thats not to say that their lyrics aren’t meaningful as I find punk rock to have some of the best lyrics around, but they were often very repetitive, which I find unappealing. Patti Smith, although I liked her music, was on average about 5 minutes too long. I would get to minute 6 and all I could think was OH MY GOD, ARE YOU DONE YET!?

So…about my song picking. What I did for punk rock was took the number of albums each artist had and added them all together. Then, I divided that number by ten to get 7 songs each. I can’t decide if I should keep 7 songs per artist from here on out, if I should use the same method with a different end result, or if I should calculate a percentage of songs per artist based on how many albums they have. Any suggestions are very welcome! If you are interested in knowing what songs I listened to for punk rock or would like to venture on this journey with me, you can find my playlists (sorted by artist)here.  I make a complete playlist for each artist before I begin listening to them, so you can listen with me [almost] in real time.

As a final note on my selection, I used to select my songs. I don’t necessarily consider it useful, but it was the best tool I could find. If you have any other suggestions, please, please, please let me know!

Do you like punk rock? What do you think of my selection? Are you going to be joining me on my musical roadtrip?

Looks Don’t Matter

9 Jul


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: if you have an awesome personality, it doesn’t matter what you look like.

Some may disagree with me, and say that for two people to be intimate, you have to be physically attracted to your partner. Some might simply say that looks matter, but I disagree. Yes, if I see someone walking down the street and they are drop dead gorgeous, I’ll acknowledge it. Yes, there are people I find unattractive. I’m sure people find me unattractive, also, but here’s the kicker:

If a guy is awesome, I would give him a chance no matter what he looks like.My reason for doing this lies in the belief that once I’m attracted to someones personality, they become physically attractive as well. There is one stipulation, however. I have to know the guy is awesome beforehand (read: we’re friends/acquaintances). If some ugly guy comes up to me randomly on the street and asks me on a date, I’m more likely to say no, simply because I have to accept this offer at face value. I’ve definitely had friends be shocked about who I’d go on a date with.

Is this lowering my standards? How important are physical appearances?

Would You Be a Housewife/Husband?

8 Jul


It has come to my attention that although some women continue to fight and struggle for equal rights, others would still prefer to stay home while their husbands work and “bring home the bacon”. I’m not saying they are mutually exclusive by any means, but I definitely think they are contradictory.

Some women choose to stay home with their children to care for them and avoid babysitting costs. Its understandable enough. You get the kids off to school, clean up the house, then welcome them back when they get home and then make dinner for their husbands who will be home soon. What confuses me even more than being a stay at home mom is being a stay at home wife. No children…just staying at home.

I can’t even imagine what I would do every day if I didn’t have a job. Yes, days off and vacations are nice, but I would get super bored super fast, especially if all of my friends worked. Aside from potential extreme boredom, I would feel as though all of my independence was gone. I wouldn’t have any of my own money, I wouldn’t contribute to bills or food or anything. That also puts me in a bad position if he was to suddenly lose his job. There would be stress on me to find a job, there would be stress on him to find a job, and there would be stress put on our relationship. This is the same for men and women. Not to mention we would have more money if we both worked, which sums up to more saving, more travelling, more fun, and more extravagant living.

There is also an issue as to what is expected of the person who stays home. Should he/she do all the cleaning? I’ve also speculated that when men stay at home they are considered freeloaders, which isn’t fair to them when women are doing the same thing.

Are you a stay at home mom/dad/wife/husband? If you aren’t, would you want to be? When does staying at home cross the line into freeloading? 

Being Touchy

8 Jul

Touching can be a great way to communicate and it can be especially important when you are flirting. Personally, I have a very bad habit of being touchy and handsy and I often forget that personal space even exists. There are so many different types of touches, I find myself disregarding any specific meanings these touches might have, and in turn, I don’t even bother trying to figure out what one might mean when I am the receiver. I’m especially bad with leg touches.

Are you touchy? How do you feel when other people are touchy to you? How do you feel (read: interpret) when someone touches your leg? 

Sleep Talking

3 Jul


I recently watched a video of a guy explaining his recordings of his voice while sleeping. Some of the things he said while asleep were quite entertaining, so I downloaded the app to record myself and see what I say! Unfortunately, I have a problem. I can’t actually bring myself to record.

I know it seems silly, but I’m worried about what I’ll hear on the playback. What if I hear voices or sounds that don’t belong to me? What if I start speaking in tongues or something crazy? What if by random chance I hear the sounds of someone trying to get into my apartment?

The thought of any of those is scary to me, and I’m definitely one who prefers not to know. If I don’t know, I can’t psych myself out.

Have you ever recorded video or audio of yourself while you slept? What did you find? Are you interested in recording yourself? Do you worry about these things, and what would you do if you caught something crazy?

What Would Heaven be Like?

3 Jul


Just humor me for a second. Lets all assume that heaven exists.

Personally, I don’t believe in heaven or hell (especially as they are traditionally believed), but I’ve often thought that if they did exist, heaven would be designed as a place that is personally most desirable. I like to think of mine as a serene, quiet place filled with nature. Aside from any people or animals that might be there, I picture it to be a warm meadow with a wooded area to one side. Through the meadow runs a slow moving stream, which I can sit next to and dip my feet in if I choose. The sky is vast and blue, and there is a gentle breeze moving through the grass.

Do you think heaven exists as a personal place, or something else? What would your heaven look like?

Pheromones in Perfume

2 Jul

When I had the Slumber Party (see “sex toy party”) a few weeks ago, I ended up able to order a lot of free stuff. I’m not one to use sex toys, so I had a limited option of things to order. One of the items I ended up “purchasing” was a fancy little cologne/perfume item that was infused with pheromones. It smelled good, and I decided to give it a try, considering how short I am on suitors.

I’ve only used it a few days, and I haven’t been in close contact with any males, so I don’t know if it does anything or not.

I’ve always been skeptical of perfumes with pheromones in them. I know pheromones exist, and I wouldn’t be surprised if pheromones existed in humans. There have been a few studies to determine if it exists in humans, and several of them have supported the idea that they do. If we assume they do, then its a logical next step to think that maybe if we wear morepheromones, we will attract people more easily. I don’t whole-heartedly believe that because effect is often lost with the synthesis of chemicals, and because there may be a more delicate mechanism at play.

That being said, I will continue to wear it at any given opportunity. If the pheromones don’t work, it at least still smells nice. Smelling nice usually works in your favor, regardless.

Have you ever used cologne or perfume with pheromones in it? Do you think they made you more attractive? Do you think that its possible they could have the desired effect?