I’m a Whole Lot of Crazy

1 Jul


I have to admit…I’m a little crazy.

I like when its hot. I like driving with my windows down – its a must! I like sitting by the river all the time. I like to be spontaneous. I don’t lock my doors unless its night…not that it matters because I keep my bedroom window open. I don’t lock my car. I speak my mind. My way is the best way. I like to race and I refuse to lose. I’m super competitive. I don’t think 5 pets is too many. I chose my restaurants because of the drinks, not the food. I get emotionally involved with books and TV. I have an obsession with animal jewelry. I don’t like alcohol, but I can party it up like its 1999. I can listen to metal and oldies on the same CD. My Friday nights usually consist of playing cards or board games. I eat things past the expiration date. I spend too much money and don’t clean often enough. I put others before myself even when its bad for me. I’m stubborn to the end. I like to share, but I hate when people touch and move my stuff. I love to cook, I love to sew, and I love to wear dresses, however I am not girly. I am a woman, but if you think there is something I can’t do, you are wrong. I’m not a feminist. I don’t carry pepper spray. I love walking alone or with someone. I love walking at night and I love creepy places like alleys. I like being in seclusion, but I love my friends. I love to cuddle, but some times I need my space. I don’t like to use air conditioning, and I feel wrong using a colander. I prefer to make all of my food from scratch, but I love going out to eat. I would do anything for my friends. I give my food and my money to strangers. I love gnomes, and I love to paint. I can’t stand when people don’t use their blinker. I’m passionate about driving. I wish I could be in school forever. I love to read, and I love grammar. I’m crazy, and I’m careless, but you know what?

No matter how crazy or careless I might be, no matter how weird I am, there is someone out there who will love me more than anything. And to that, I say cheers!


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