26 Jun

When it comes to guys who refuse to wear condoms, I have a little speech prepared that goes something like this: Look, guy I almost slept with, I like you a lot. You are smart-slash-funny-slash-charming and/or good looking and a moment ago I wanted to do things to you the likes of which are usually only reserved for fake letters or dirty magazines, but when it comes to having sex I have but one rule – just one – you gotta use a ticket if you wanna ride the ride, which means in addition to that aching sensation you are probably feeling in your shorts right now, I’m going to leave you with one final question that will undoubtedly haunt you for a very long time. Did you honestly think that wearing only a thin layer of well-lubricated latex between our hot, sweaty, pulsing bodies would be worse than spending the morning-slash-afternoon-slash-night alone? Sadly, guy I almost slept with, you will never, ever have the pleasure of knowing for sure!

-Its Your (Sex) Life campaign commercial



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