My Lady Bits and How They Affect My Dating Range

24 Jun


Before I get to the point, I’d like to make a point of saying that there are three big divisions I can make of how I think about love and romance and such. My lustful thoughts (lady bits), the thoughts of the heart, and then my rational mind all influence how I think about dating, and each definitely has a say in how old or young someone has to be if I’ll date them (usually my rational mind wins). Age isn’t black and white, like I would like it to be, but so many things have to be processed through my brain before I make a decision. These are a few of my common guidelines when I think about dating.

“Young”: 19-21

Lady bits: This could be exciting. I should probably seduce him.
Heart: He is young, but he is so cute! Who cares if I’m a little older than him? Probably him, I guess…but once you seduce him he will know how awesome you are!
Rationally: I guess it doesn’t matter, but if he is interested he will make the first move.

“My age”: 21-29

Lady bits: This could be exciting. Mmmmm….very exciting!
Heart: So cute! We like the same music, and he likes animals and blah blah blah…! We were meant for each other!
Rationally: I wonder if he thinks I’m cute, too?

“Not too much older”: 30-35

Lady bits: This could be exciting. He should seduce me…a lot. At his job, at my job, in my house, in his house…
Heart: He is a little older, but its not that old. Just date him. Don’t even think he might have ulterior motives for wanting to date you.
Rationally: I can’t imagine he would want to date someone 10 years younger than him. Not only does he have much more life experience, but I’m sure that we just don’t have anything in common.

“Older”: 36-49+

Lady bits: This could be exciting. He should seduce me.
Heart: So what if he is like, 20 years older than you? Do you SEE how gorgeous he is? Just think of his ample life experience enough for the both of you!
Rationally: That life experience? Way too much for me; I look like a baby in comparison. We would have just about 0 in common.


How much older or younger will you date? Do you ever go through a spell in which you know you shouldn’t date someone because of age, but it is oh-so-tempting? Would you date someone the age of your children (or parents)?


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