Some Say the Glass is Half Full…

14 Jun


Maybe it just means I’m indecisive, or have commitment issues.

When people ask me if the glass is half empty, or half full, I can only respond with “it depends”. It depends on what its original state was. If the glass started out completely full with liquid, and you drink half of it, then it is half empty; however, if you fill the glass half way, then it is half full.

I think this speaks to my belief that things are rarely black and white, and my nature as a scientist – I must question the world around me, and use what information I gather about a situation to deduce what it means. I can’t think of any great examples, but I’ll use money as one. Say you are born into a family with millions of dollars, and you inherit this money when you become an adult. Then, for some unforeseen event, you lose all of it except for 100 dollars. You naturally feel unfortunate, and unlucky. On the contrary, if you are homeless and have all of a dollar to your name, and you are given 100 dollars, you feel like the richest person on the planet.

What do you think, half full or half empty? What do you think of my perspective?


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