Do You Delete Negative, Over-The-Top Comments?

16 May

Yesterday, I was sitting here looking through my Xanga feed, and I stumbled upon a comment by one of my friends. What I gathered from both, was that friend wrote a blog that [might have] directly attacked the person who wrote the blog that the friend then commented on. The blog was a direct attack back. The comment then struck a chord with me. It said something along the lines of “I rarely delete posts because once its up there, you can’t reverse what its done once you take it down” and then friend continued to apologize for what he did or said.

The reason this struck a chord was because as a general rule of thumb I do not delete blogs or comments. The reason I don’t delete blogs is because you have a choice as to whether you read it or not, and I always mean what I say. I may be angry, but in that moment of anger I mean it. If I’m sad, I mean what I say. And it doesn’t make sense to me to take down what I feel and bottle it up, just because it makes you feel uncomfortable. Like I said it was your choice. I don’t delete comments, either (unless its obviously spam). I feel as though negative comments often are meant to make the writer look bad, but I think it says more about a reader and who they are if they feel its necessary to leave an over-the-top comment.

I’m pretty sure I even left up a blog that my friend made to slander my name when she hacked my account. I later explained the blog and detailed what she did, but I left it as proof.

Do you delete negative comments? Have you ever deleted a blog because of another person? Why or why not?


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