Should People Be Allowed to Carry Mace?

14 May

I kind of have a problem with mace and pepper spray. I’m sure its related to other things that I have problems with, but I think its silly that people carry mace. I know that its supposed to be a deterrent and a defense strategy, but what happens if you mistake someone as a threat when they aren’t?

Pepper spray (which also is manufactured under the brand Mace, and generically called such, but mace is also a type of tear gas) causes a burning sensation, temporary blindness, trouble breathing, and disorientation from such. It makes sense that it is used as defense, because trying to see and breathe are more important to the brain than is killing someone.  This is a pretty high price to pay if you are an innocent, unknowing victim of someone who is too paranoid for their own good, though.

Yes, I understand that anything can be a weapon in the hands of someone who is too paranoid, but I think that if you carry pepper spray you are already too paranoid to be considered in a mind state to use it correctly and safely.

Do you think people should be allowed to carry pepper spray? Do you carry it, or any other “self-defense” device?


One Response to “Should People Be Allowed to Carry Mace?”

  1. butimbeautiful May 17, 2012 at 1:17 am #

    I don’t – I just don’t go in dangerous places. If I did carry it and someone attacked me, I’d be too panicked to go for it. Anyway, you can learn pretty good self defense techniques for women without actually carrying anything, they’re very simple.

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