When Life Actually Gives You What You Want

7 May

They say that when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Well, what if life hands you something like…ice cream? What are you supposed to do then?

Usually when I wish for things in my life, they are simply statements that it would be nice if they existed as part of my life, but if they aren’t there, its not a big deal. For the last two weeks, I’ve definitely been getting plenty of lemons. One right after another.

So, to counteract all the lemons, I made a couple of wishes myself. I wish strangers would just randomly have conversations with me and I wish I could fall in love and marry someone I went to high school with.

The first one was because I was jealous of someone’s story about talking to strangers. The second one was because I was thinking about how weird it is when two people never dated in high school, and then get married later on in life.

Well, about 2 days after I said the first wish to a friend, it happened. I blogged about it in my “Close Encounters” blog. I’m still so confused about what happened. The same friend who I wished to said I should be more specific when I wish things.

Then, I said the second wish to a different friend. And a couple days later, a kid I went to school with suddenly talked to be out of the blue. I hadn’t talked to him in probably the 4 years since we had high school together, and he just decided it was time to confess a long-term crush he’s had on me. At this point, I can’t say whether or not anything will come of it or if I actually believe him, but its a little strange that things have happened like they have.

I keep thinking about what my friend said. Maybe I should be more specific. Maybe I should wish for Shia LaBeouf to fall in love with me after coming to Colorado and tubing down the Poudre. Wouldn’t that be nice?

It seems like a huge coincidence that two unrelated events coincidentally happened after I spoke of my desire to have them occur.

Do things ever happen to you like this? What do you do when life is actually handing you what you’re asking for?


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