How About That Undie Run?

4 May

Its that time of year again. The week before finals and the time when people at Colorado State University strip down into their tighty whities and run around campus to support the less fortunate by giving their clothes to them. Now don’t get me wrong, I support the cause, because we all have clothes that we don’t use any more that would benefit others much more than they benefit our closets, however, I feel like this might just be an excuse to get drunk and half-naked and be sleezy.

A friend who participated in it last year was recounting the experience to me, and noted that a few girls slapped him on the ass, and another tried to pull his underwear down. Personally, I think thats inappropriate behavior in a mass group of people all in their underwear.  Just because you are in your underwear doesn’t give you a right to sexually harass people.

I think I’m definitely in the minority about this, though.

Do you think its acceptable for large groups of half-naked people to get together and run around? Do you think the original cause for this event is enough to overlook the drunken sleeziness of the men and women participating? 


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