Close Encounters of the [Love] Kind

3 May

Today, I was sitting in the computer lab, minding my own business and writing a blog, when a guy came up and wanted to sit next to me. I had my bag sitting there, so I said I’d gladly move it, and moved it to the floor so he could sit.  Then he asked the girl across from him, who was also sitting down, how she was doing.

Or at least I thought thats who he was asking.

He was actually asking me, but I didn’t realize it until he looked at me, expecting a response. I apologized for not realizing he was talking to me, and politely answered “pretty good”, and asking how he was in response. This led to talking (which was hopefully less awkward in reality than it was in my head). He told me I should make a Wikipedia entry about myself, and helped me not lose the work I’d already gotten done on my blog. Then, a couple minutes later, he just left. Didn’t ask me for a number, didn’t politely say any sort of farewell…just left.

The friend I was with actually thought we knew each other. I was just left feeling uncomfortable and unresolved, and now I can’t stop thinking about this guy (well played guy….well played).

This isn’t the first time this has happened. I’ve been thinking about this guy I met in the elevator for months, and it drives me crazy.

What do you think of my encounter in the computer lab? How often do you randomly meet strangers, and continue thinking about them for extended periods of time afterward? Do you think there is natural chemistry there, or some other force acting?


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