Growing to Love Someone

2 May

The other day I had a moment where I looked at a friend, and realized just how attractive that person was. I don’t know if I’d just never given him a good look-over, or if, as I grew to know his personality, I found him more attractive because of it. This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time, that this has happened to me.

It got me to thinking.

If I can look at someone, and they are suddenly attractive, then is it possible to actually grow to love someone?

I think that when you are around someone often enough, you naturally either just like them more and more, or less and less. This makes sense, then, that if you are forced to be in a relationship – think an arranged marriage – it is completely possible that you could start to love them. That leaves the question of whether or not that is actually love, or just admiration out of necessity.

Do you think its possible to grow to love someone? Why do you think some people are all of a sudden attractive, when you’ve never noticed it before? When people are in arranged marriages, do they grow to love each other, or is it just something such as “admiration out of necessity”?

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