Are Drugs Better Than Sex?

1 May


Recently, I was talking to a friend, when he asked me if I could do what drug, what it would be (without consequences, I’m assuming). After further discussing it, I came to the conclusion he was asking me what drug he should try. Its all ridiculous, because I am so anti-drug it’ll knock your socks off.

That led me to try to find something for him to do/try that would be better than potentially dying or getting addicted to a drug just because he was bored. Alcohol was out of the question, because that isn’t abnormal. Same with pot. Then I figured it out.


I told him he should have lots and lots of sex, instead of doing drugs (not that I condone that, either, but its better to me than drugs). It makes perfect sense, and its more fun anyway. Then, he said it.

Sex doesn’t cut it. Its fun…but its boring.

How is that even possible? I told him he must be doing it wrong then. I can see how, to a hard core drug addict, drugs are better than sex, and maybe to someone who is asexual, but other than that, it baffles me. I can also see how someone who is depressed could feel that way too, I guess.

Sure, I haven’t had sex. Sure, I haven’t done drugs. But from what experience I’ve had, I can’t even imagine how drugs could be better.

I pose this question to all of you out there, who have done one or the other: Can drugs really be better than sex? Do you think he is just doing it wrong?


4 Responses to “Are Drugs Better Than Sex?”

  1. Carolina Courtland May 2, 2012 at 12:02 am #

    If he thinks sex is boring, it’s probably ’cause he’s only doing it with himself.

    Drugs are not better than sex. Drugs are not better than anything. They suck.

  2. Stagg January 26, 2014 at 1:55 am #

    BULLSHIT! Drugs are better than sex. It is not merely just opinion, it’s science. And it is obvious that this Carolina Courtland is another brainwashed anti-drug drone, that she has NEVER done drugs (other than those prescribed by a doctor, possibly). Which is fine, if you don’t want to drugs for moral reasons or otherwise, that’s your decision and I respect your choice not to, but if you have never done drugs, don’t say “they suck.”

    If he thinks sex is boring, it’s probably ’cause he’s SMART!

    [Fixed that for you!]

    Of course Carolina Courtland does not think sex is boring at all because she knows sex is boring. And she knows that sex is boring because she is female. (Of course, I base the assumption that she is female on the fact that Carolina is a female name.) The only thing women like about sex is the fact that it is the best way to control men. If he finds sex boring, then he has a HUGE advantage in life. (But Carolina, and I presume Mishie hate that, because such males are not so easy to control.) Seeing as the author of this blog has had neither sex nor drugs (as of the post), how could she possibly say that sex is more fun than drugs?

    I admit that I have very limited experience with neither. I have not really done any “hard drugs.” Never done opium (at least outside of a medical context), nor heroin, and I do not wish to. I have had many opportunities to do coke, but I never actually even tried it, and I do not regret that. However, I have done alcohol and cannabis too many times to count, and I LOVE THEM BOTH! I have also messed around with substances you wouldn’t even think of as “drugs” such as DXM (cough syrup), caffeine in pill form, and nutmeg (the latter didn’t do shit!), usually with interesting experiences. I have never done the hardcore hallucinogens (LSD, shrooms, peyote), and I am not sure if I would try them but I am curious about them.

    Here’s why I think drugs are better than sex:
    (1) Sex is a lowly animal behavior. We humans have evolved to new levels, and among the blessings bestowed upon us by evolution, we can extract all kinds of amazing substances from plants, or synthesize them. Would you rather engage in a beastly activity enjoyed by the lowliest of beasts or use your evolutionary gifts to find transcendental experiences via chemistry?

    (2) Drugs enable one to reach all sorts of new and exciting states of mind. Sex does not.

    (3) Drugs can make all sorts of entertainment (books, movies, television, music, video games…) even more enjoyable. Sex does not.

    (4) Drugs are compatible with far more activities than sex: going to the movies, eating, walking around outside… Those are just off the top of my head! I can probably think of way more activities. Granted you can not actually do (most) drugs in (most) public settings, at least not safely, but you can be on drugs in public (as long as you’re not too out of control).

    (5) Sex is too much of an investment of time and money. Spend so much time and money pursuing sex for what? An orgasm that will never last one minute. Whereas drugs will keep you high for many minutes or hours! No thanks, I would rather spend a little less money and way less time to be out-of-my-mind for hours.

    (6) Drugs can be enjoyed alone or with company. Sex? Not so much…

    (7) Drugs are non-sentient substances so issues of consent never come up. You just take them! Know that I DO NOT CONDONE rape or sexual assault and firmly condemn it. But the trouble is that sex must be consensual, thus making it harder to get. Not so with drugs!

    (8) Sex is unhygienic and stinky, drugs are generally not, or less so.

    (9) Drugs carry a VERY LOW risk of VD/STD/VI/STI, whereas sex carries a very high risk. [NOTE: I said *very low risk* not no risk. For instance, heroin use carries the risk of HIV infection or hepatitis, which is why I do not recommend heroin use, nor any recreational injection of drugs. No needles or syringes!]

    (10) Drugs will never get you pregnant!

  3. Stagg January 26, 2014 at 2:21 am #

    Now for the other side. You sex-apologists will probably argue the following:

    [1] Drugs Kill:
    This is true, sometimes… Really the only likely ways drugs (i.e. the substances themselves, not counting as a result of actions done under the influence of drugs such as impaired driving) kill are via overdose (which is possible with most substances but impossible with cannabis (marijuana, hashish…)), or via chronic damage. But you know what? So can sex! Remember, sex spreads diseases: chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, HIV/AIDS… As for chronic damage, while there does not seem to be any evidence for long-term damage from being sexually active (outside of STD, that is), notwithstanding all those bullshit studies about how sex is “good for your health” there is actually a strong link between celibacy and longevity. Roman Catholic nuns generally live to a very long age and enjoy great quality of health along the way. Korean eunuchs also lived the longest lifespans throughout most of Korean history. Virgins tend to live longer.

    [2] Drugs are Addictive:
    True, but in most cases, the addiction risk posed by sex is far more dangerous. The addiction is already latent there before one has sex, so once one loses their virginity, it becomes all the more debilitating.

    [3] Drugs Ruin Lives:
    Sometimes they do! But at most drugs usually just ruin one life (directly): the user. Whereas sex would ruin a minimum of two lives (because it takes two to tango!), more lives if it is group sex. Aside from STD, sex complicates relationships, leads to pregnancy and abortions… But as I said, at minimum two lives may be ruined, and if a pregnancy results, a third!

  4. Stagg January 26, 2014 at 2:48 am #

    Now, since you were being a shitty friend back then, one who would not recommend drugs for a friend, or at least a wholesome non-drug activity (rather than your smartass “SEX” answer, here are some drugs (besides booze and pot) that I can recommend:

    * Adderall (it’s legal amphetamine! I’ve never done it, but all the cool kids are doing it.)
    * Ritalin/Concerta (see above)
    * Diazepam (Valium)
    * Other benzodiazepines such as clonazepam (Klonapin / “clone”)
    * Xanax (never done it myself, but I hear it is fun/cool/in/popular/trendy)
    * Psilocybin mushrooms
    * Peyote
    * LSD (if he could find it, good luck!)
    * Cocaine (I’ve never done it, but proceed with caution!)
    * He could just chug a bottle of cough syrup with DXM (e.g. Robitussin), which I actually have done, just not the whole bottle. Too much and it SUCKS! The right amount and it’s pretty trippy.
    * Maybe mix large doses of melatonin and caffeine.

    I am a little iffy about opium (in its raw form) or purified derivatives.

    However, I do NOT recommend heroin (from opium but not a derivative, it must be chemically processed) or really any recreational drug taken intravenously, nor do I recommend methamphetamine or extacy/molly, GHB, or any other “club drug” or “date rape drug.” Essentially, avoid at all costs anything that is not from a plant or fungus, or a government-regulated factory.

    [Alternately, you can give him a placebo pill and say it’s a cool new drug…]

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