The “Ex” Effect

23 Apr


Whether you accept it or not, ex-significant others affect us more than we would probably like. At some point though, they usually exit your life and the only place they still exist are in memories. More often than not, I would say this happens when they get a new significant other.

Until they get dumped or break up with that significant other. Then, all of a sudden, they start texting or calling or somehow trying to get back into your life again. Worse than those exes who do it once, are the serial texters. You know which ones I’m talking about – they try to talk to you suddenly, after being absent for the entirety of their relationship, every time they become single again. Its happened to me multiple times with multiple people.

Its almost as if he/she is crawling back, hoping for a second chance…or a booty call…or sympathy. Either way, I find it ridiculous that anyone would be okay with being a second choice or a “backup”.

Has this happened to you? Do you find yourself texting an ex once you become single again? Whats the reason for doing it?


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