A Reclaimed Virgin

20 Apr

There are many different views about losing one’s virginity and what that implies, however, I recently heard of reclaiming virginity.

What do you think about reclaimed virgins? Is it possible to “reclaim” your virginity, or once its gone is it gone for good? Are you reclaimed? Would you ever reclaim your virginity?


One Response to “A Reclaimed Virgin”

  1. butimbeautiful April 22, 2012 at 1:04 am #

    Virginity is a physical state, not a state of mind or a spiritual position. So no, I don’t think once your hymen’s broken you can ‘reclaim it’ other than by medical reconstruction, I suppose. There’s always something about the first time,for an important life event such as sex – thus I guess the hype surrounding virginity. I have to say I think ‘reclaiming virginity’ is a really dumb idea though.

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