The Melody in You: A [Klaine] Recommendation

12 Apr

Are you a fan of Kurt and Blaine from Glee? If you aren’t, you probably should be – they are, by far, the best gay couple TV has to offer. That being said, the fandom that Klaine has is pretty intense. Each actor/character has a very loyal following, so the combined energy the couple has is overwhelming. That brings me to the topic of fanfiction. Every great book, TV series, and movie (even some mediocre ones) get a pretty heavy amount of fanfiction – stories based on the characters part of that series. Some of it is terrible, way too cheesy, and unrealistic, but a lot of it is also really good!

Speaking of really good fanfiction, I have story recommendation that I think everyone should try on for size. The name of the story is “The Melody In You” and its by my good friend, Linnea. Now, I know what you’re thinking…maybe something along the lines of oh, its a friend of hers, so she is just reccing to be nice. Well, you’re wrong. I’m reccing because its really good.

Her story follows Blaine, a young man bouncing around from foster home to foster home. His past has been gruesome, and feeling unworthy of anything but pain, he has become mute.  On his journey through the system, he finds himself in the Hummel residence, under the care of Burt, and his football-playing, overwhelmingly caring, gay son, Kurt.  They show him only acceptance, but within the silent being that is Blaine, turmoil still exists as he struggles to feel something other than the cruelty and neglect from his past.  Through this struggle, an untrusting Blaine finds solace in the only thing he has always had – a piano in his minds eye that he so longs to be real.  Through elegant metaphors, vivid imagery, and beautiful piano pieces, Linnea has created a world filled with angst, love, struggle, and acceptance which will captivate the reader from the beginning. This is a must read for any person who considers themselves a Klaine fan.

Her story is currently 7 chapters long and still in progress. Not to worry though…she updates regularly! If you still have doubts, feel free to read her comments and hear it from countless other people who follow her story.

Feel free to leave comments on her blog, or here (I’ll make sure she gets them). Are you a fan of Klaine? Do you read fanfiction? What do you think of her story?


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