Pro-life and Freedom of Speech

12 Apr

These pictures are from my university. They have been up all week, and this happens annually. Now, I understand that there is such a thing called freedom of speech listed in our constitution, so I agree they have every right to post these 20 foot tall pictures of dead fetuses. Here’s the problem:

Propaganda such as this only causes the separation between pro-life people and pro-choice people grow.  Pro-choice people go from “abortions should decrease, definitely, but still be a choice” to “kill more babies!” (which, obviously, is just a defense tactic), and thus pro-life people must get defensive. So basically, it causes pro-choice people to get defensive, and pro-life people to force their opinions on a large group of people.

And then we have things that are meant to be condescending to the opposing group, such as the above picture. Asking when we are human, and showing a picture of an elderly woman isn’t very helpful for your cause. Showing the opposite end of the spectrum – cells – also doesn’t help your cause, as pro-choice people already think that abortion should be a choice, and they will just use single cells as support for their argument.
Overall, I think these posters are completely ineffective as a method to sway a population to belief that abortion is wrong. Not to mention that our population is already so desensitized to gruesome images, that even that tactic is less likely to work.
Whats your opinion on posters such as these? Do you think this is an effective strategy?

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