A Lesson Learned – FML and Crossdressing

11 Apr

I recently made a post on FML about an experience I had at Goodwill. I read FMLs every day through the app and it usually cheers me up and makes me laugh; I’ve never really had a good moment to submit, but i figured this experience was worthy enough. The post read something like this:

“Today, I got the first compliment from the opposite sex in months. It was from an elderly, cross-dressing man in the Goodwill parking lot. Apparently, my clothes look “exciting to try on”. FML

So it got published onto the website, and I was like “Yeah!!!”. Then I remembered that people comment on them, so I began reading each comment, aiming to read them all. They went a little something like this:

“Awwwwww! At least he was nice enough to tell you you’re pretty!”

“Well you obviously aren’t attractive or you’d get complimented more often.”

“He wasn’t complimenting you, he was complimenting your clothes.”

And they continually got more and more…despressing? Stupid? Mean? I stopped reading them.

So, I thought to myself, I’m never posting to FML again.

Why? Because the FML post wasn’t the whole story. I also think a lot of those people believed that I was FMLing (totally just made that word up) because I was complimented by a cross-dresser, when actually it was because I haven’t been complimented by a man in forever, and the only person who had the balls to do it was a cross-dressing stranger.  Maybe some of you even agreed with those comments, but without the whole story, the comments are irrelevant. This is what really happened:

I was at Goodwill one night last week looking for an end table or a desk that I could repaint…or really anything that I could use to decorate my nee apartment for cheap. Not finding anything, I left. As I was heading to my car, I see an older gentleman looking at me, so naturally I look over and smile. I kept walking, got into my car, and started it. As I was about to put it into gear, I saw someone approaching my car. I look over and it is the gentleman that I smiled at and I was able to pinpoint what was odd about him. He was wearing a floral print dress and black pantyhose. I rolled down my car window and genuinely asked, “Hi. What can I do for you?” He smiled and while slightly stuttering like some older people or nervous people do, he proceeds to tell me he “just wanted to admire me” and that he didn’t know how I felt when I saw cross dressers, but that he thought I was beautiful and wanted to tell me and that my clothes looked exciting to try on. He then said that he hoped he hasn’t freaked me out (and I interjected that no, he hadn’t)  and bid me farewell. I then reassured him that he hasn’t freaked me out, and that I appreciates the compliment and was flattered. He walked in to Goodwill, and I went home.

The experience made my day. I learned two lessons that night. One, cross dressers are more courageous than I’ll ever be and two, never, ever post to FML again.

Have you ever been complimented in this manner (cross-dresser or otherwise)? Have you ever posted to FML? How do you feel when you see a cross-dresser out and about while you are going throughout your day?


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