Georgia Representative Working to Keep Stillborns Inside Women

11 Apr

I recently read an article and watched a video that was somewhat shocking to me, and made me think about a few different issues. Although, Representative Terry England of Georgia never actually states anything about women actually carrying stillborn fetuses to term, it can (and has been, by the article) implied from his ending statement on “killing babies”, such that it becomes a major issue about women’s health.

Basically, Rep. England is stating that because cows and pigs, for example, carry physiologically aborted fetuses (“still born”) to term (or whenever the body finally rejects them) that women should as well.  This is put into the context that if HB 954 is passed (abortions after 20 weeks, approx 5 months, would be illegal) it should also be extended to those women who discover they are carrying a nonviable fetus – either already dead or will not live, for whatever reason, outside the womb/until full term.  England also compares cock-fighting to abortion, by stating that a cock-fighter (who opposes outlawing cock-fighting) says he will give up all of his chickens if women stop “killing babies”.

To put everything into context, and to decide how I felt on all issues at hand (I prefer to know the facts, and make a determination of what I feel is the better option, rather than staying pro-choice/pro-life/whatever on ALL subjects), I looked up information on what level of development a fetus is at at approximately 20 weeks. I watched a nice little video, and this is what I found:

  • The fetus is about the size of a banana.
  • It is beginning to move.
  • Its nervous system is beginning to expand and connect the brain to the body.
  • It can potentially hear you speaking (and other outside sounds).

I have always been pro-choice on this subject, but I think that you should know you are pregnant by 3 months (hello..missed period?) and have made a choice by this point to either keep your child or not.  I think  5 months is plenty of time to make a decision, so I stand by the bill of making abortions past 20 weeks illegal, however, I do think that in circumstances in which the fetus will not live, or has become an endangerment to the mother (as determined by a medical professional), it can be aborted legally after 20 weeks.  Not to mention I can’t imagine aborting something that can voluntarily move, and is as big as a banana. Thats kind of horrific.

Next, I looked up information about consequences of carrying a dead fetus within your womb for any length of time.  I didn’t find a whole lot of information, but I can say that regardless of the lack of relay-able information, that I cannot imagine this to be healthy in any situation. The mental health of the mother, at best, would decrease significantly. I did find a story about a woman and her discovery that the child she was carrying was dead, and how she had to deal with it.  This is a part of what she said:

“I could feel my baby’s dead body inside of mine. This baby had thrilled me with kicks and flutters, those first soft tickles of life bringing a smile to my face and my hand to my rounding belly. Now this baby floated, limp and heavy, from one side to the other, as I rolled in my bed. “

The thought of going through this is sickening to me. And to think that this man wants to make it part of the law. I can’t even imagine.

The last thing that came to my mind really wasn’t related to abortion or stillborn children at all. It was about a discussion/debate I had with a group of friends about clicker-training babies.  One of the arguments was that it only seems wrong because people associate [non-human] animals as being less than humans, and that if we realized that animals and humans are the same, then clicker-training wouldn’t be bad. I feel as though England is using a similar argument to say that humans are the same as animals, and because we allow animals to carry dead fetuses to term that it should also be okay for humans.

How do you feel about shortening the time to get a legal abortion to 5 months? Do you think thats too short, too long, or just right? Do you think women should be forced to carry their expired children within them until their body rejects them, or should they have to option to electively remove the fetus beforehand? What do you think of the mental consequences of having a dead child inside you for x amount of time? Can you imagine how that would feel? Do you think humans and animals should be held to the same standards and would this involve raising standards for animals or lowering standards for humans? What do you think of Representative Terry England? Do you support him?


One Response to “Georgia Representative Working to Keep Stillborns Inside Women”

  1. butimbeautiful April 11, 2012 at 2:15 am #

    I think Representative England sounds like a dingbat. i think abortion shouldn’t be lega for other than medical reasons after 20 weeks, but then I don’t think many women would want to have abortions then anyway except for serious reasons. I think women (and people) are a member of the class ‘animals’ but a privileged member in that we’re able to medically abort dead foetuses whereas other animals evidently aren’t. So let’s do it. I like your thoughtful approach, by the way.

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